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About Us

We are mana jobs, a recruitment staff company under Homa Group. We are the best connection to help candidates and employers find their best potential to reach their personal and business goals.

As a recruitment agency, we partner with organizations that trust us to find the best people to reach their goals. We also work closely with candidates, opening doors to exciting new opportunities and guiding them through their careers.

mana jobs support workers and companies in discovering their potential by connecting them through our passion for people. We are a recruitment agency created to meet your demands. Whether you need an entry-level or a senior candidate, we offer a complete solution for all industries.

By understanding the different requirements of companies and employees, we ensure high-quality assistance while remaining fast, efficient and trustworthy. Thus, mana jobs has helped thousands of candidates find significant jobs with our top employers across Canada.

In addition, mana immigration, a sister company of mana jobs, handles immigration processes to ensure a straightforward recruitment process. As a result, we can get you the right staff from abroad and have them ready to work.

Thanks to our vast international and local network, we help you find all types of workers willing to work permanently, seasonally or part-time. Let’s talk today!


mana jobs has been transforming lives by supplying international workforce solutions to the different industries in Canada.

We have a truly global and exceptional approach with our employers and skilled workers.

Mana jobs is under the Homa Group, a one stop provider that aims to help foreigners to immigrate and settle in Canada.


  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • General Labour
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Computing and IT
  • Hospitality industry


  • We support equity and diversity in all its forms.
  • We recognize all talent when attracting it to our top employers in mana jobs
  • mana jobs enables workers and employers to speak up. All voices are listened and attended.
  • We understand each industry to get the needs.
  • mana jobs support companies and international workers to deliver on their diversity and inclusion environments.


mana jobs is your connection with the best-skilled employers in Canada. We offer a solid and reliable network between workers and employers and develop complete recruitment processes to ensure you have the best candidate.


At mana jobs, we commit to responding to the needs of our clients and employees on time. We customize our services to meet each client’s unique needs, whether from job postings, industries or staff services.



  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary Staffing
  • IT contracting


In mana jobs, we apply and encourage an ethical recruitment process. We care for our clients by offering stable and loyal talent for their needs. Whether you require an entry-level or an experienced senior candidate, we have more than 100 professional candidates to meet your needs.


mana jobs offers job opportunities for all types of workers, from entry-level to high senior positions. Our recruitment experts aim to connect you with the right employer and provide all the solutions you need to jumpstart your career in Canada.

We have an entire department dedicated to meeting the recruitment criteria and securing each person has the resources to sharpen their skills and grow their careers.

We aim to be the top leader recruitment staff agency for international workers in Canada.  We will be the best connection between foreign workers and employers in the country to understand their needs and provide the solutions they need for each industry, providing an excellent experience for both employers and candidates.

¨Catch your dreams¨

  • Growth:In life, one must grow to succeed and reach high ambitions. Growth requires change and challenges, and we will always choose it.

    At mana jobs, we focus on thriving a growing culture, that way our employees can build their careers and development through our organization.

    Safety and Inclusion:

    We promote an inclusive and safe environment to protect the well-being of everyone we work with. Our passion is our people. Then, prioritizing safety ensures our staff, candidates, and employers do their best work.

    Our emotional and physical health is a vital part of life and impacts emotions and actions. Being healthy emotionally promotes productivity and effectiveness in our professional careers.

    Excellence in Everything We Do:

    Achieving excellence is always worth it. Excellence our DNA at mana jobs, we are your best connection with top employers across Canada. We have the right people to do everything within their power to build an excellent company daily.

    Transparency of Terms and Conditions of Employment:

    At mana jobs, we are committed to respecting our word and being sure we deliver accurate information to international workers and employers. With us, you can ensure to have an honest partner to develop your business and professional life.

    Qualified Professionals to Fulfil Job Position Criteria :

    Our professional experts are in charge of filling job positions in the most accurate way they can. This way, you can ensure the best candidate for your needs after an effective hiring process.

    Confidentiality For All :

    At mana jobs, our people are our priority, your safety and security matter, and we commit to respect confidentiality with everyone. In addition, we have our own privacy policy to ensure all the personal information from our clients is safe.

  • Straightforward practices.
  • Competent candidate pool
  • Stable, loyal and qualified professionals
  • Candidates for all industries
  • A Range of Candidates from Entry-level to Senior and Experienced
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists.
  • Experienced Recruiters
  • Pre-selecting Candidate Procedures
  • Immigration Process