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How Does It Work?

At mana jobs, we keep track of all cases through a disciplined process based on our proven track record. Shortly after your first contact with us, one of our specialists will reach out to you to schedule an initial call to discern your needs. Then, regardless of whether you wish to employ fresh talent or find a job position, we will contact you to further understand your requirements and come to an agreement upon the Terms of Service Agreement that are amenable to both parties.

We are assertive in our recruiting strategy. We utilize unique recruitment methodologies, tools and best practices to deliver only the highest quality of candidates to your company.

What Positions Do You Recruit For?

We recruit for all positions across all industries and seniority levels, from entry-level positions to senior executives. As a result, we have served a large variety of organizations, all with a similarly high rate of success.

How Long Does This Take?

Many variables may affect each unique recruiting effort. Still, it is common for us to deliver on your first candidate within 2-3 business days, following our first call.

Do You Support Small and Medium companies?

Yes, we work with all types of companies. However, sometimes it is even more urgent for small to medium business owners to make the right employment choices, as investing in human resources is a long-term commitment, one that is inecessary to ensure solid growth over time.

What if I don’t see any job posting interesting for me?

We have several job opportunities, and we are adding more every week. After creating your profile and logging in, we will call you to set up an interview even if you don’t see any job. Once we interview you, our specialists will share future positions that align with your skills as they come available. Our final goal is to get you a full-time, permanent or temporary job in Canada.

How mana jobs find talent?

At mana immigration, we have our own portal where candidates can see all the job postings and apply if they match the criteria. Overall, we have an extensive database of candidates to pull from, and our specialistes use various online and offline methods to recruit qualified candidates.

As a candidate, how long does it take to find a job?

Overall, it all depends on the demand for the position and your skills. In most scenarios, we usually see people that find their jobs in 3 weeks.

Will you sell my personal information?

No. Your information and personal data are private and protected; we will always keep them confidential.

Is the registration free?

Yes, registering in mana jobs is free for our candidates. At the moment you submit your resume, we may or may not have a role that fits your needs, but we are always adding more positions to help you find a job easily.