How Visitors Can Work in Canada

On February 28, the Government of Canada announced they would extend the temporary policy allowing foreign visitors to remain and work in Canada. This policy enables visitors to apply for a work permit without needing to leave the country. The announcement indicates the policy will remain until February 2025.


Established in August 2020, this temporary policy allows visitors who received a job offer to apply for a work permit during their time in Canada. This measure helps the country’s ongoing labour shortage as it is quicker for businesses to fill vacancies when applicants are already in Canada. It will also waive the requirement for eligible foreign nationals to comply with certain temporary residence conditions before obtaining a work permit. Furthermore, the policy will allow qualified former temporary foreign workers to continue working while their work permit application is pending.

In addition, this policy will significantly help those who had to convert their work permit status to visitor due to restrictions surrounding their home country. This extension enables them to remain and work in Canada (as they deal with the issues regarding their country). Visitors previously on a work permit, such as in the case mentioned, can be eligible via interim authorization to work.


If you are a visitor in Canada, there are certain requirements to look out for before applying for the work permit:

  • Have a valid temporary status
  • Receive a successful job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Sent out an application for an employer-specific work permit supported by LMIA. 

Applicants must remain in Canada from the date of their work permit application to the processing of their application.


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