Hundreds of internationally trained nurses hired by PEI

PEI (Prince Edward Island) has effectively addressed its healthcare staffing issues by hiring over 500 nurses and care support personnel. This surge in staffing, achieved through the combined efforts of Health PEI, the Recruitment and Retention Secretariat, and the Public Service Commission, has been geared towards enhancing patient care by optimizing the recruitment process. Since the beginning of 2023, the province has successfully appointed 547 individuals for various healthcare roles, including 147 recent graduates. The introduction of an online portal has streamlined the application process for registered nurses, drawing interest from both local and international candidates. The recruitment drives in Dubai and Singapore have been particularly successful, yielding 57 job acceptances, and there are plans to conduct another recruitment event in Dubai in 2024. Additionally, Health PEI is expanding its workforce by creating new job positions and is in the process of assembling an in-house team dedicated to talent acquisition.

Healthcare Workforce in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has effectively bolstered its healthcare workforce by recruiting over 500 nurses and support staff to address the shortage and enhance patient care. As a matter of fact, the hiring initiative is a collaborative effort by Health PEI, the Recruitment and Retention Secretariat, and the Public Service Commission to fill positions efficiently.

From January 2023, Health PEI filled 547 various roles, including:

  • 9 nurse practitioners
  • 201 registered nurses
  • 72 licensed practical nurses
  • 265 care workers, including resident care workers, personal care workers, and home support workers

Out of these, 147 are professionals who have freshly graduated.

Efforts to streamline hiring include a new online application portal launched in May, specifically for registered nursing positions, which improves the application process and speeds up the hiring timeline. Eligibility for the portal extends to:

  • Current registered nurses in Canada
  • Nurses expected to be registered in Canada within six months
  • Nursing students graduating within six months


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Since the portal’s inception, it has received 70 applications, 45 of which are from international nurses.

Health PEI’s international recruitment efforts include successful missions in Dubai and Singapore, offering employment to 26 and 31 nurses, respectively. These candidates are in the immigration process and are likely to start working in the province by the next year.

In the last year, Health PEI has created several new positions to support expanding healthcare services like patient medical homes and is developing an in-house talent acquisition team to further enhance recruitment.