Top 10 in-demand Jobs in Canada in 2021

The coronavirus epidemic is declining in Canada, and restrictions, quarantine, and curfews are expected to be lifted soon. With the Coronavirus epidemic, many businesses have adapted themselves to these conditions. During this time, many in-house employees continued to work with interactive online platforms and video calling. Other occupations that required physical presence were carried out in full compliance with government health protocols, such as wearing masks and maintaining a physical distance.

In addition to these changes, a significant number of people have lost their jobs due to disease, restrictions and quarantine. But that is likely to change in the second half of the year. More than two-thirds of Canadian employers plan to re-employ employees who have been laid off or unemployed due to an outbreak of Coronavirus disease. Experts are also predicting the outlook for 2021. Randstad Canada, a human resources consulting company, has released its forecasts for Canada’s top in-demand jobs in 2021. According to the company, many jobs will be in high demand, and people with specialized skills will have a high chance of being hired in 2021.

According to Randstad, the following will be some of the most sought-after jobs in 2021:

Top 10 in-demand Jobs in Canada in 2021

Customer services Representative

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus disease, the need for customer service increased dramatically. They deal with customers who are emotionally damaged. These customers expect to consult with people who can change their circumstances. Refund and cancellation are among the customer service duties.


It’s not at all surprising that this job is on the Randstad list. Due to Coronavirus disease, drivers of all vehicles, especially trucks, will be in high demand; many are responsible for delivering medical equipment to hospitals and essential goods to stores across Canada.

Registered nurse

There was also a shortage of Registered nurses before the Coronavirus in Canada. The prevalence of the disease, the increase in patients, and the need for intensive care increased nurses’ demand. It is estimated that Canada will need 60,000 nurses by 2022 to help the elderly population.

General labourer

Public workers are in high demand across the country. If you are interested in this job, you should know more job opportunities for general workers than requested by employers.

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers are in great demand; because different companies need sophisticated communication systems to operate during the Coronavirus disease. The need for electrical engineers with various technical and specialized skills such as communication and writing skills has also increased.

Software developer

There are two reasons for the high demand and need for software developers: the employment of employees at home and the growing popularity of e-commerce. People who can code, design and create websites and software can be hired in Canada.


In times of financial crisis, accountants get a lot of attention. Accountants can advise businesses on issues such as access to government funding and tax breaks. They also help companies make important decisions about the growth of their business.

Human resources manager

One of the most important jobs during the Coronavirus disease is the human resource manager. These managers design human resource policies such as telework, safety and health policies. They are also responsible for maintaining the morale of employees in such difficult situations.

Financial advisor

Due to the prevalence of Coronavirus disease, most people feel less secure; that’s why financial advisors are on this list. They provide support and advice to those who have difficulty repaying loans, rents and debts.

Technology Sector

With or without Coronavirus disease, there is a significant labour shortage in the technology sector. For this reason, the focus of Ontario and British Columbia’s immigration programs is on technology recruitment. Immigrants are influencing the growth of Canadian technology. The skilled and talented workers are in high demand, especially in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.