Construction Jobs in Demand in Canada

The construction industry is one of the most popular industries in Canada, due to the country’s constant infrastructure development or repair. Workers involved in the skilled trades market have the necessary tools to work in multiple sectors. 

However, Canada’s ongoing labour shortage is impacting the workforce in multiple industries, especially construction. According to Statistics Canada, the number of employment within the construction sector suffers a monthly decline, which often results in the delay of infrastructure work. The increase in job vacancies continues despite massive hiring efforts done by employers. The combination of being a popular industry in the country and a high demand of workers, makes the construction industry a top contender for the foreign workforce to consider when moving to Canada. 


In addition to the high demand, there are other reasons why the foreign market should consider construction/skilled trades. 

Demand and Security 

Due to the difficulty of hiring new workers, construction companies offer more security to your position, and provide growth opportunities that lead to better position and pay. 

Employee Benefits 

Construction workers receive benefits that can significantly help themselves and their families. Benefits include: 

  • Health and Dental 
  • Life and Serious Illness Insurance 
  • Disability Coverage 
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program 

Variety and Flexibility 

This industry and its respective sectors offer a wide range of duties and responsibilities. This also means that the level of compensation differs from each position. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your role or compensation in the workplace, you can find another position elsewhere without the need to change your resume or seek additional education. 

Active and Travel Living

Those looking for a work environment that is not restricted to sitting in the same office every day, may find construction work suitable for them. Majority of positions can be physically demanding, but you come out physically fit and active throughout the day. In addition, the work variety also relates to the location of the work. Depending on the sector, workers have the opportunity to travel around the city and experience places otherwise unknown to them. 

Construction Manager with Construction Workers, holding a site map.


For foreign workers interested in working construction in Canada, they are not limited to just one immigration pathway. The Government of Canada has provided other immigration programs to aid the skilled trades industry with their labour shortage. 

Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)

This program is considered the most popular within this industry as it caters specifically to them. The FSTP allows people with skilled trades experience to live and work in Canada, and potentially bring their families. Meeting the qualifications, having education specific to the trade or receiving a job offer all contribute to a successful nomination and can boost your Express Entry profile. Read here to view the qualifications. 

Provincial Nominee Program 

This program allows experienced workers to apply for a permanent residency based upon the required qualifications and requirements. The skilled trades stream, one of many streams under this program, is dedicated to workers with previous experience within the market. Read here to view the qualifications. 

LMIA Work Permit 

When applying for a work permit, having an LMIA letter can significantly boost your Express Entry Profile. To obtain an LMIA, you must first receive a job offer from the construction company/contractor, then have the employer submit proof indicating the company was unable to find talent within Canada. Read here to learn more. 

Construction Workers


  • Project Manager
  • Equipment Operator 
  • Skilled Trade Worker (Painters, Carpenters, Electricians) 
  • Construction Labourer
  • Demolition Worker
  • Carpenter Helper
  • General Labourer
  • Driller 


  • Knowledge in Operating Standardized Equipment 
  • Good Sanitation 
  • Proper Handling and Loading of Materials 
  • Quick Problem Solving 
  • Constant Versatility 

In addition to the skills listed and previous experience, some construction related positions may require professional certification from a regulatory authority. Read here to view the positions requiring certifications in each province. 


Within this industry, it is common for workers to be a part of a union. Becoming a construction union member in Canada offers several benefits:

  • Training for compensation and salary increments 
  • Full detailing of the rights of employees and pensions plans 
  • Job opportunities through networking 
  • Meet other workers with the same passion or skill. 

The union makes sure workers receive employee security, collective bargaining agreements and good working conditions. The goal for this union is to represent workers in the industry in order to support their career development and overall well being. This can be beneficial for foreign workers. Moving to a new country may take some time adapting to the different rules and regulations. Having an organization that looks out for its respective employees can prevent employers from taking advantage of the workers’ naivety.

Construction Workers with Project Manager

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