Foreign Market Can Be The Answer To Canada’s Labour Shortage


Canada is currently facing an immense labour shortage. According to a recent report by Statistics Canada, job vacancies increased over 3%. In three consecutive months, Canadian employers were actively hiring for 1,037,900 vacancies. With many of the baby boomers retiring, the workforce is attempting to find their replacements. Despite the many vacancies, the number of applicants does not match. As a result, employers are trying to outbid wages against one another just to attract potential candidates. 

Employers seem to be having a difficult time acquiring the proper staff in their local market. In desperate need for qualified employees and overall applicants, employers seek out the foreign market. 


For the past decade, Canada has attracted thousands of foreign individuals to study, work and eventually immigrate within the country. The multiple immigration programs, state of the art education, economic opportunities and high quality of life have made this country a popular locale for immigrants who want to start their new lives.

Allowing foreign talent to work within your business gives you the advantage of creating an international and diverse environment where your business can flourish. Other reasons foreign talent can be a solid choice for staffing needs:

  • They are resilient; they can adapt to a certain workplace culture if required. 
  • The different cultures of foreign workers provide a fresh perspective on the way work is done and can positively impact the workplace environment. 
  • A workplace dedicated to respecting diversity and inclusion can appear favourable to not only other foreign workers, but to the stakeholders of the company as well. 

By creating a barrier-free and welcoming place that is identified as a hospitable corporate climate, you’ll be creating a sense of loyalty and respect, resulting in a greater drive for productivity and longevity.

Job Offer and Acceptance


Foreign workers who desire to work in Canada have several options to choose from based on their current position. A popular permit is known as the LMIA Work Permit. In order for a worker to obtain a positive or neutral LMIA, the employer who is seeking the international hire must submit a series of documents proving their attempt in finding the right talent locally was unsuccessful. From there, it is up to the candidate to submit their respective forms with a copy of a job offer (given by the employer) in order for the work permit application to be valid. 

Another way is through the Express Entry system. This system manages the application of foreign workers who want to immigrate to Canada and the IRCC decides eligibility based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CSR). In order to boost their application, employers can provide a written job offer for candidates to include in their application. Doing this may increase their rank within the CSR and receive eligibility. 

Read here for more options in obtaining a work permit in Canada and other relevant information. 

mana jobs CAN HELP

We match highly skilled workers with a business that requires such talent. With the help of mana immigration, we cater to the international labour market and use necessary tools to bring them into Canada. For more than 20 years, mana immigration has helped clients live successfully in the country permanently. We also have multiple labour market experts with experience in domestic and international employment who can advise clients on exciting opportunities, as well as effective job hunting strategies. The combination of our strong connection with Canadian employers and our thorough understanding of the local employment and immigration requirements make us the best partner for your business and career needs. 

In this collaboration, mana jobs handles the screening and recruiting process while mana immigration manages documents and procedures relating to immigration and work permits.  

We encourage an ethical recruitment process and deeply care for our clients by offering stable and loyal talent for their needs. With the increasing interest in working in Canada, we have plans on fulfilling their dreams while at the same time, fulfilling businesses’ immediate needs. 

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