Newcomers, Stand Out by Using LinkedIn 

Newly arrived immigrants, from workers and students, have to face employment competition not only against current residents of Canada, but against other immigrants as well. The labour shortage in Canada has resulted in the Government to rely on the foreign talent market to fill job vacancies. You need to find a way to stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of new immigrants trying to find work in Canada each year.  

A hiring measurement that is becoming a popular tool for employers is called LinkedIn. This social media platform focuses on career networking and highlighting accomplishments. You can access the accounts of your fellow peers as well as new ones with similar career profiles. With over 722 million users active on LinkedIn, networking is the key to new opportunities. 

Evidently, a good and detailed resume and cover letter are the most important tools for most applications. LinkedIn is not replacing either of those two, but rather an addition to it. Employers gain insight to a different dimension of yourself and your career by accessing your LinkedIn account. If your resume/cover letter intrigues employers, they will be curious enough to learn more about you. LinkedIn could be your bridge between an applicant and a shortlisted candidate. 

Using LinkedIn

An Online Resume and Social Network 

One of the main components of LinkedIn is the ability to showcase your skills and career achievements. Think of it as an online resume with the aspect of social activity. Highlighting your talents, goals and accomplishments help determine employers and other members who you are, what you are looking for and why you are fit for the position. In addition, LinkedIn is a place to share stories. You can perhaps go in more detail about certain experiences you were proud of that were too long to fit in the cover letter. Perhaps, you can share a fond memory that you found meaningful and hope others would find it too. 

For Canadian newcomers, these examples are common yet beneficial ways to establish both career and individual personality. 

LinkedIn Member Page

Even if you are familiar with the profession, work culture in a new country may be overwhelming. Immigrants may feel a level of culture shock. Actively using your LinkedIn can provide you knowledge of the Canadian work culture for plenty of professions. Gain insight from senior level managers with decades of experience in the field, to entry level interns trying to make their way up the ladder.  


In addition to the ones described, other benefits of actively using LinkedIn include:

  • Connect with employers and applicants looking for a job 
  • Gain credibility for your work through prior connections 
  • Enhance abilities in copywriting and communicating to different audiences 
  • Join groups with people of similar interests and professions 
  • Receive in-depth look about different industries such as salaries, diversity, population and environment. 


It is not enough to simply create an account. In order to maximize the value of LinkedIn, you must constantly be engaged with the content. 

Create a detailed profile: Include your name, current location, profession, highest education completed, previous experiences, side projects and other certifications. 

LinkedIn Home Page

Professional photo: Your profile picture is key in receiving more views from other members such as employers. Putting a face with a name will help members remember you and your account 

Like and comment posts: Dropping a quick reaction to the post you have meaningful strengthens your networking habits. Doing this allows employers to know your goals and interests. 

Get likes, comments and shares

Follow and messaging other profiles: This is key to increasing your connections especially as a newcomer to Canada. With the right message and tone, adding someone to your network can help in your navigation to Canada and its culture. A good example of reaching out to a member you may not know is: “Hi, my name is ___. I am interested in learning more about industry insights in this area and based on our shared similar interest and experience, I would like to know your insight. Thanks!” 

Constant Updating: Do not be scared to update your profile whenever you complete an achievement. This can include celebrating work anniversaries, job promotions and project announcements. 

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LinkedIn is one of the measurements we use to consider qualified candidates. The platform allows us to get to know more of the candidates’ resume and personality and helps us shortlist talents best suited for the positions. Here at mana jobs, we have specialized labour market experts and consultants that can assist you with your application and setting up your resume. 

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