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On October 26, 2022, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe spoke about the province’s continuing growth,  “(to reinvest in) health, education, affordability measures, paying down debt and defending our economic autonomy so Saskatchewan continues to grow and create jobs”. For the past year, the province saw its economy thriving, from decreasing unemployment to leading investment numbers in construction, manufacturing and wholesale trade. Premier Moe is dedicated to fulfilling Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan. By the end of 2030, he is hoping the province will be home to over 1.4 million people, coinciding with hundreds of thousands additional job openings.  

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One of the major factors to Saskatchewan’s economic growth is the increase in immigration intakes. According to Statistics Canada, 137,615 immigrants currently live in Saskatchewan, which is 12.5% of the province’s population. While Canada is already recognized as a popular destination for many foreigners to either study, work and settle, Saskatchewan is not as prominent compared to other provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia. Nonetheless, keeping the Growth Plan in mind, the Government of Saskatchewan will continue to implement ways to incentivize working and living in the province. 

Northern Lights Saskatchewan
Northern Lights, Saskatchewan

Despite not being the most popular province in Canada, Saskatchewan has proven itself to be a well-developed nation, offering high qualities of life, employment and strong bonded communities. It is one of the world leaders in agriculture, and currently the fifth-largest oil producer throughout North America. Owning a home in this province is significantly lower than in most major cities in Canada. Most importantly, the provincial sales tax is the lowest of any province of Canada that has one, charging only 6%. To view more offerings and benefits of Saskatchewan, read here. 


The technology sector is becoming one of the most important factors for the Saskatchewan Growth Plan. There is a dire need for tech based workers especially within this province. With the Canadian Government looking towards the foreign market to fill job vacancies, one of the new pathways created is determined to help solve the labour issue. The Tech Talent Pathway is a new immigration program under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), which aims to fill tech industries in the province with skilled international workers. This program will not only boost tech based workers their chances in working in Canada, but also significantly increase their hopes in obtaining permanent residency for them and their families. 

In order to be eligible, you must qualify for the certain requirements: 

  • Those currently working in Saskatchewan via a work permit can be eligible if they have worked for an employer for a minimum 6 months full time, or 1 whole year of working experience. 
  • Those outside of Saskatchewan wishing to move to the province, can be eligible by providing proof of one year work experience and a full time offer for a tech based position. 
  • English or French Language score of 5 or higher based on the Canadian Language Benchmark (minimum score of 7 for Express Entry).
  • Eligible for Saskatchewan Licensing or Certification 
  • Post-Secondary Education
Software Engineer
Software Engineer

If eligible and nominated, tech based workers have access to a variety of occupations related to the field, such as software engineers, information system analysts, computer programmers and web designers.  The goal for this program is to enhance the technology sector with more qualified workers and to increase immigration numbers for the province, in hopes to meet the target set by the Growth Plan. 

Read here to view other specific requirements and occupations dedicated to this special program. 


Saskatchewan is also home to numerous economic sectors, filled with many job openings and career opportunities. 

  • Agriculture: one of the world leaders in this department, agriculture in Saskatchewan supplies high quality produce and ingredients. 
  • Manufacturing: The export rate will continue to increase due to the wide variety of manufactured goods made within the province. 
  • Energy: The province is home to a powerful energy source base in Canada. 
  • Minerals: Within the grounds of Saskatchewan are its rich mineral resources, attractive to many investment opportunities from mining companies around the world. 
  • Life Science: research and innovation in life sciences are a key ongoing development for Saskatchewan, opening up to a wide array of career opportunities. 

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