Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot for Workers

Canada is home to popular cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, all of which are a hotspot destination for immigrants to settle. However, recent reports have found that immigration numbers in smaller and more rural communities are increasing due to the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP). This immigration pathway is designed to attract foreign workers and students to move and settle in less populated areas that need a significant boost in their economy. These communities are either suffering from a labour shortage, low consumer spending due to low population or perhaps a combination of both. Since they are not as prominent as the major cities in Canada, they have a difficult time getting the attention of the international market. 

RNIP, established in 2019, is easing that process and has been providing small communities with skilled foreign talents looking for new work and lifestyle. This option is becoming a popular pathway for newcomers, as it grants them the opportunity to become Canadian permanent residents for them and their family. 


Successful foreign applicants will be exposed to one of Canada’s lesser known communities, each filled with a deep history and enriched culture. Despite the long hour drive to a major city, residents have found themselves satisfied with what their community has to offer. 

There are many benefits living in a smaller city, from lower cost of living to a better quality of life. There are over 10 communities participating for the RNIP, including:

  • North Bay, Ontario 
  • Sudbury, Ontario 
  • Timmins, Ontario 
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario  
  • Brandon, Manitoba 
  • Altona/Rhineland, Manitoba 
  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  • Claresholm, Alberta 
  • Vernon, British Columbia 
  • West Kootenay, British Columbia. 

As of June of 2022, 1,130 immigrants are living in these communities through RNIP. 

Vernon, British Columbia
Vernon, British Columbia


Unlike most immigration programs, the RNIP is community driven. It is important for the area’s council to assess potential candidates. For instance, they will determine: 

  • if the candidate’s employment meets the requirements of the community
  • if the candidate’s qualifications meet the needs of the economy 
  • the duration of the candidate’s intention to stay. 

Above all, communities will be dedicated to support foreign candidates in their journey into their city and Canada as a whole. They will guide foreign workers in their application for permanent residency as well as connect them with established settlement services within their area. 


The end goal of this pathway is to obtain Canadian permanent residency. Therefore, foreign workers who apply for the RNIP must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Have Work Experience
    • Have at least one year of full-time/part-time work experience for the past three years (time of work can be accumulated) 
    • Can be with multiple employers 
    • Work activities and tasks must be inline with the duties listed in the National Occupational Classification (NOC). 
    • It must be a paid position to be classified as a valid work experience. 
    • Meet or surpass the language and educational requirements 
    • Proof you have enough money to support yourself for the first year of settlement. 
  2. Receive Job Offer 
    • Receive an offer for a position located in one of the participating communities. 
    • Position must be full-time and permanent.
    • Occupation’s skill level or NOC must meet the NOC of your previous work experience. 
    • Compensation must match the minimum wage of your occupation’s NOC, according to the Job Bank. 
  3. Community Recommendation 
    • For a community to consider you a candidate, you must have the requirements for the pilot and a job offer already in place. 
    • Each community has specific requirements for applicant recommendation. To view each community, read here. 
  4. Applying for Permanent Residence 
    • A candidate that meets or outperforms all the requirements will receive the opportunity to obtain permanent residency. 
    • Review Canada’s application process based on RNIP. 

As well, international students enrolled in Canada can be eligible to apply for this pilot. To view student requirements, read here.

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Thunder Bay, Ontario

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