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For the past year, Canada has been loosening its restrictions on pandemic protocols, resulting in more places such as offices, shopping centers and recreational activities to open regularly. With a constant massive influx of people circulating around these areas, it is important to have a sense of security and guard. Therefore, security services in Canada are in high demand.  

Security services consist of a wide array of positions, all dedicated to ensure a safe and protected environment. If a problem occurs relating to criminal activity or a safety hazard, security is there to prevent escalating situations. Hotels, sporting events, volunteering events, shopping malls, post-secondary schools, business centers and healthcare facilities are all common examples where security can be found in Canada. 



As noted, there are several different positions within this industry, including but not limited to: 

  • Security Guards 
  • Security Officers 
  • Night Guard 
  • Surveillance Officer 
  • Event Officer 
  • Security Concierge 
  • Security Manager 

Positions in this industry all vary depending on the location or event they are assigned to. For instance, a security officer for a sporting event might have different assignments to a security officer for a hotel. Nevertheless, most share similar duties and responsibilities as a security guard, the most common position in this field. Duties include

  • Patrolling the assigned premises 
  • Monitoring video surveillance 
  • Following safety and emergency procedures 
  • Inspect entry and exit checkpoints 
  • Validating tickets 
  • Ensures the event is filled with only registered guests    
  • Assisting crowd movement 

Security Guards. Security Services in Canada


Entry-Level security based positions such as security guards, hotel concierge  and night guards earn from CAD $16.00 to $21.00, depending on experience and length of work. Senior level positions such as security supervisor and security manager, are for those with more experience in this field and willing to work more hours. These positions earn approximately CAD $25.00 to $32.00  



Tasks involved in security positions are serious and require full attention of the worker. Businesses and most importantly, human lives can be at stake. Those interested in working for any of the security based positions may go through an intensive selection process. To boost your chances, the following are some requirements/attributes selected candidates have: 


  • High School Diploma or equivalent 
  • Experience in areas with large crowds is an asset 
  • Knowledge in safety and emergency procedures is an asset 
  • Written and verbal communication 
  • Alert and Discipline 
  • Physically Active   



There are multiple ways to work for the security sector in Canada. If you are a foreign worker, you may need to apply for security jobs in many of Canada’s security based companies. If you are successful in your search and have received a job offer, you and your employer can prepare documents to obtain a positive LMIA. This is a mandatory requirement in order to acquire a valid Canadian work permit.


Another way is through an Open Work Permit, which is applicable to sponsored spouses/common law partners or spouses of international students. If other requirements are met, they can live in Canada with their loved ones while being able to work in Canada without the need of LMIA or a job offer prior to their arrival.


As well, international students can also work part-time (maximum 20 hours per week) in security when they are enrolled full-time in a designated learning institution. Those with a study permit prior to November 7, 2022, can work up to 40 hours per week until December 2023, due to the recent plan established by the Government of Canada. In addition, students also have the opportunity to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit that enables them to live in Canada upon completion of their studies and work in their desired field. 


Most positions within the security industry are under NOC TEER 4. Jobs labelled in this TEER usually require either a secondary school diploma or weeks of on the job training. Although this TEER does not qualify for Express Entry permanent residence programs, experience in this field can significantly help you acquire jobs under TEER 0,1,2 and 3. 


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Security Manager with Surveillance Officer monitoring video cameras. Security Services in Canada

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