Work in New Brunswick via Critical Worker Pilot

New Brunswick is one of the four Atlantic provinces on the East Coast of Canada. The province is home to over 800,000 Canadians and will continue to increase due to its growing economy, education, healthcare and infrastructure. Furthermore, New Brunswick is seeing record-level immigration, with several programs incentivizing newcomers to study, work and live in the province. With the province currently suffering from labour shortages like the rest of the nation, the Government of New Brunswick designed a new immigration pathway to address this issue. Therefore, The New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot is a new immigration program dedicated to skilled foreign talents allowing them to work and live in New Brunswick.  




Established in 2022, the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot (NBCWP) attracts internationally skilled workers to work in specific in-demand occupations. These occupations require certain skills, education or experience. Employers in this province have difficulty finding the right talent for this critically skilled occupation within the domestic market. However, many countries outside Canada have trained and qualified workers for these positions. Hence, this immigration pilot may be the key to solving the province’s labour issue and providing these international workers with an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Saint John, New Brunswick, New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot
Saint John, New Brunswick


In addition, successful pilot candidates will receive the necessary support to ease settlement in the province. The province requires all participating employers to: 

  • Provide reliable housing and transportation plans around the province. 
  • Have constant availability of human resources to support candidates’ ongoing needs. 
  • Deliver up to 200 hours of language training 
  • Offer guidance regarding post-secondary education pursuits. 

Moreover, this program will guarantee stable employment for newcomers.  These requirements will also enable candidates to adapt smoothly to the province’s culture without fear or intimidation. Likewise, the goal is to establish a strong commitment between the province and its newcomers and hope for successful long-term retention. 



Based on the participating employers, candidates may find themselves working in one of these industries: 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Food Production 
  • Agriculture 
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture 
  • Forestry 

Employers in this industry are in dire need of workers capable of doing specific skilled tasks. Furthermore, the available positions within these programs are hoping to be filled by internationally skilled workers capable of handling such responsibilities.  



Despite not being popular compared to other provinces in Canada, there are many benefits to moving and living in New Brunswick. The small-town communities and a thriving arts and culture community are some of the province’s most attractive features

New Brunswick’s economy is looking towards a rise in employment and overall GDP because of the creation of the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot and other immigration pathways soon to come. As a result, there will reportedly be more career opportunities within the province in the next ten years. For example, manufacturing and healthcare are some sectors that see large growth in job opportunities due to the increasing demand. All in all, a booming economy can be a major factor for those looking for a new home. 

Moncton, New Brunswick. New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot
Moncton, New Brunswick

Other benefits of living in New Brunswick include: 


  • Housing: New Brunswick Housing is affordable compared to other provinces, with manageable commutes around cities. 
  • Education: Newcomers and their children will be exposed to premier schools in the province and the country as a whole. The University of New Brunswick-Canada is one of the oldest yet top-ranked institutions in the continent.  
  • Healthcare: Like the rest of Canada, healthcare in New Brunswick is very accessible to workers and their families. With the healthcare sector looking to grow in the next decade, the health systems in New Brunswick will see a massive improvement from new equipment to skilled medical workers. 
  • Nature: New Brunswick is surrounded by a beautiful environmental atmosphere. Residents of the province will be exposed to numerous sight-seeing locations just minutes from their homes, from mountains, forests and lakes. 
Hopewell Rock, New Brunswick. New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot
Hopewell Rock, New Brunswick

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